Sunday, May 22, 2011

How to Transform Your Website Into an Authority Site

There are many factors that come into play if you want to establish an authority site and succeed with it. Not every site that is launched becomes an authority site because it requires a great deal of effort and dedication for it to reach that status. Therefore, the million dollar question is how can you do something like this.

Leverage Social Media -social networking sites are a great opportunity for you to build your reputation. Never has it been so easy to create such a strong relationship with your target audience in such a short amount of time. If you want to make the most of social media, you have to apply yourself consistently and get to know your potential customers. Your goal should be to make yourself valuable to your prospects through your brand and the information and products you share. If you establish yourself as a valuable contributor on these sites, you'll find that it can really pay off for you in the long run. In reaching your goal of having an authority site, it will be necessary to utilize a variety of proven tactics, such as social media marketing. Also consider sites like Wikipedia which is one in which you can include your link if your site is essentially good enough. Since you’re aiming to provide highly useful content on your website, having your link on Wikipedia can give you a good amount of exposure, both directly and through the search engines. Of course the more links you can get, the better, and the backlinks will not hurt you at all.

Comment on Blogs -blog commenting on quality, relevant blogs in a helpful way can help increase your site's reputation. If you post useful comments, this will motivate lots of the blog readers to visit your website for more information. The key to success with this method lies in making highly useful comments so that the readers know what you're talking about, and take your advice as targeted expert advice.

In the interest of building trust, you should never hide who you are or anything like that. So on your contact page, think about providing your full contact information including an 800 number or business phone number. If you can, try to provide pictures to show your visitors that your business is real, reputed and trustworthy. You really can make a great impression if you open up to people and try to be social with them. After all, being an authority is all about being there for your visitors.

So if you want to create an authority site, you can refer to the above methods, and if you work at it consistently you'll make steady progress. If you make up your mind you want to achieve this, you can do it, but it's something that will take some time and commitment. Go ahead, start applying what you've learned here and become the next authority site in your niche.

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