Saturday, May 21, 2011

Golf Equipment Every Beginner Needs

Every beginning golfer needs some equipment essentials in order to really get started with the game of golf. There are some pieces that are really no-brainers and others that might surprise you to learn you need. This article reviews some of the amazement you might not consider when buying your first pieces of equipment to assist you in playing the game of golf. When you start out with excellent golf equipment you'll come to find out that you enjoy the game a whole lot more and that you get a whole lot more out of the complete experience.
The first thing you need to invest in is a good driver. The first thing you need to know is that there are some "specialty" drivers out there that aren't exactly PGA sanctioned. In keeping with where you are and what your aspirations are as a golfer, it's possible this is not a snag for you. Everybody has their own needs when it comes to drivers. In general, drivers with flexible shafts provide greater distance but less control. If you have problems with hooks, slices, or rogue balls you might prefer sacrificing distance for added control by using a steel shafted driver. You should additionally be able to take some time to get to know the most comfortable shaft length for you to utilize before you spend money also. This will take a little experimenting to find the perfect length but it will be time well spent in terms of less back pain after 18-holes. Ironically, a golf umbrella is actually an essential piece of golf equipment. Despite where you play, there are storms from time to time. Despite how you may feel about your need from a little rain or not, the likelihood is good that your equipment does. Golf clubs cost a decent amount of money. It is in your best interest to guard them in the most optimal method that you can. No matter what the shaft material is, the likelihood is good that the club heads are not impervious to rust. An umbrella is a minor investment which will repay you the first item you discover yourself in need of it.
You will need to invest in a decent divot tool, as well. This piece of equipment won't help improve your game but golf still remains a gentleman's sport. One of the rules of the green is to fix any nicks and clumps caused by your ball so subsequent players aren't impaired by them.
You'll be better off starting small when buying starter golf equipment. As you learn more about the game and practice, then you can start buying the more expensive pieces one at a time to build the set that will help you achieve your goals at the course. Follow these tips to get the most value for your money when you first begin golfing.

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