Saturday, June 11, 2011

Math Blaster in the Prime Adventure

Math Blaster in the Prime AdventureThe award-winning PC edutainment series Math Blaster in the Prime Adventure is blasting its way on to the Nintendo DS with an all-new adventure. Put your math skills to the ultimate test in this action-packed adventure that adds up to total fun! Features: Use the Touch Screen to solve math problems in an array of action-based games. Challenge yourself with 3 difficulty modes Play against up to 3 friends and challenge their math and gameplay skills in single card or multi card play with Multiplayer Battle Mode Save the galaxy in 20 Adventure Mode levels or play any game you choose arcade-style in Challenge Mode. Track your high scores in Adventure and Challenge Modes. Master your math skills and increase your speed and accuracy.Format: NINTENDO DS Genre:?GAMES/PUZZLES (VG) Rating:?RP Age:?096427015659 UPC:?096427015659 Manufacturer No:?096427015659

Price: $19.99

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